Inability To Remove Port Genoa Winch Due Winch Drawing 150 Amps


I have a 1995 SM currently located in Trinidad.  About a year ago my port side genoa winch began making sounds like it was working hard.  When running it was slower than the starboard side winch and draws 150 amps while the starboard side draws 30 amps.  It works fine manually.  While in South Africa and later here in Trinidad I tried to remove the gearbox under the winch to see if it was all gunked up.  Twice in these countries the yard put a hydraulic puller on the gearbox and left it overnight, but could not break it free from the winch above it.  Apparently, the gear that sticks up into the Lewmar winch is galvanically corroded and has merged with the winch.  I recently decided it might just be the motor that is bad, so I removed it this morning in about 10 minutes (amazing!) and I will have a specialist determine if it is bad or needs overhaul or whatever.  


1.  Has anyone else had trouble removing the gearbox from the genoa winch and if so how did you get it off (if you ever did)?

2.  Do the symptoms jibe with a motor problem as opposed to a gearbox problem?  

Any comments appreciated.  

Bill Shaproski

S/V Pacific Cool

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