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Patrick McAneny

Duane, I followed what you said in the photo section and tapped the hell out of it. I used a regular hammer and left dings in the aluminum housing , I was afraid to hit the black piece too hard . I will try it with a rubber mallet and put it in a vice again and hit it . I will soak it in some PB Blaster first. Thanks for the suggestions. I had trouble finding the seals etc. on Motion Industries website , I spoke with them in Baltimore and they said I could  ship the parts to them to match , but I was wondering if you had to part #s to what you bought. 
Thanks Again,
Pat SM Shenanigans

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I replied earlier but don't see it now, so excuse me if both show up.

I got mine out by tapping with a rubber mallet around the perimeter of the black piece with the body of the furler in a vise.  After it was "broken free" of the accumulated salt and crud it came out easily.  You might try a solvent like PB Blaster, or just soak it in freshwater to dissolve the salt first.  A combination of tapping and twisting (with a strap wrench) might be successful.

Wanderer, SM#477

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