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Patrick McAneny

Duanne, Its not hard to find ways of spending money on a boat ,is it. I hope I can salvage and work with what I have . Mine will probably be as bad as yours as my boat is a 94 , probably older than yours. The bearings have to be bad , the gearbox would not turn even with a winch handle , until I worked it back and forth for a couple of minutes and finally got it moving.
Thanks Again,
Pat SM #123

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I didn't replace any parts, I ended up ordering a new one (almost $1,000).  The drive shaft was so badly pitted at the upper seal and the upper bearing that the Machine Shop advised turning it down to smooth it out wouldn't be a good idea.  Also, the housing surface the upper bearing race seated against was badly pitted.  

You'll get the black piece out, just a matter of time.  Easy for me to say!  <;-)

You might try to apply some heat to the aluminum (wasn't the black piece plastic?).


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