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Warren Traill

FYI. We own Sharki #15 1980. Our first Amel. We are living on board in Phuket/Thailand. Have owned her for 3 years and constantly admire the design wisdom of Henri Amel.


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I have been through a few Amel as I was looking at a good one to buy within my budget.  I can highly recommend one owner in La Rachelle who has one of the best I have viewed.  It was unfortunately a little to expensive for my budget and I passed but I regret a bit somehow.  If you are interested I can put you in touch with him.

In any case I suggest that you buy in La Rochelle, there are a few good owners and good boats, you also get the yard pontoon and the Pochon Amel subcontractor to do any work you will require with the same standard as they have done on the original boat.  This is also not to mention Olivier Beaute lives there so he can inspect the boat that he probably already know everything about!




Redouan Assar.

Stella ex-Zeerob SM359


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Hi All,

         It;s been a while since i last posted, in my previous post we were lookin g to purchase an Amel SM2K  2001-2005, We were at the time maybe jumping the gun somewhat as we still had a business commitments.


We have however spent considerable time and effort to look at numerous Amels throughout the world, and many more who  have visited Cape Town (  tks to all the people who we have met and been allowed to spent time on their yachts and all the advice given , you know who you are and we appericate the advice given ).


We are now in the final negotiations of selling our business and now have a 12-18 mnth timeline to start our sailing dream and therefore are hoping to purchase something in the next 12 months.


I would appericate it if any one has ,/is planning to sell  or knows of any SM2K up for sale.? It is important we are able to speak to the owners directly as i believe this gives us a far better underst anding of the condition of the yacht and how much care it has been given.


P.S  we are also in contact with Michel and Joel 







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