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Patrick McAneny

Duane, Its amazing that it would not turn while in a vice, however I could only tighten to a point for fear of cracking it. I am going into town this morning and will pick up some blaster and give it a good soak , then wack it some more with a rubber mallet. 
Pat SM#123

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I was able to get it out by tapping around the exterior of the black winch socket with a rubber mallet (you may have to tap pretty agressively).  The idea being to "tip" it progressively.  It took a while.  If it seems really stuck try some PB Blaster to dissolve any corrosion.  

I'm surprised you couldn't twist the black piece when you had it in a vice.  Did you try a pipe wrench, or a strap wrench?  You might try a combination of PB Blaster the night before, then tapping to break it free of some of the corrosion and twisting with a strap wrench.

Wanderer, SM#477

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