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Sv Garulfo

Hi Porter,

I checked again the pictures I have. The V seal  is upstream in the high pressure circuit. The tubes are marked with an arrow showing the high pressure stream direction. We have 3 tubes on our Duo 100. 

First one is:
High pressure input end (red tape) -> tube -> bobbin #1 end (blue tape)

Second is:
Bobbin #2 end (blue tape) <- tube <- bobbin #1 end (red tape)

Third is:
Bobbin #2 end (red tape) -> tube -> high pressure brine output (blue tape)

So, for us, the V seal always goes on the red taped end. 

From what I understand you are saying, one of your membranes is the wrong way round (the upstream one). I don't know if it matters. 

Other ref:
(In French but pictures are clear. I don't agree with all advice regarding the method to remove the end caps or the use of lithium grease but nevermind)

Hope that's clearer

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Mark. Thank you very much. 

I am still not 100% certain I understand at which end the black v brine seal should be. 
On the first tube we have the High pressure seawater in end, then the bobbin/connect to the other tube end. 
One the second tube we have the bobbin/connect to the other tube end and the hypertonic discharge end. 

We ended up putting the v brine seals at the bobbin ends in each tube. 

Water tasted great. But only made a few liters as was just checking functionality. 

Are the elements in in correct orientation?
Does it matter?

Again. Quite appreciated. And we followed your use the high pressure pump to remove the ends advice. Excellent!


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Oops. I forgot this part but it look like you already have the ends off.


Disconnect the high pressure hoses and separate the 2 pressure vessels. Be very careful not to damage - twist, or enlarge the holes for the interconnector between the 2 pressure vessels ( at the end opposite the HP hoses). Use water from the pressure water system - a 1/2 hose will clamp over the SS flare fitting. Cover the hole in the end plug with a thumb - turn on the water - once the air is out, the end plugs will come out easily - apply a little resistance to balance the 2 ends so that both ends get started out.



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If someone who has any experience changing membranes could watch this video and give me any quick advice I would be hugely appreciative

The question surrounds which end of the membrane (ie the O ring end on the membrane) corresponds to regarding the fitting end in the Kevlar sleeve and especially to the tube fitting end. The hydrolic end or the Bobbin end?
Very much appreciated!!!!

Porter McRoberts
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