Re: {Disarmed} [Amel Yacht Owners] Chain counter woes

John and Anne Hollamby <annejohn@...>

Hi Ed,
I had the winch cover off last week to replace one of the switches and had a go at the counter sensor. It came out very easily by putting a small screw driver in the hole on the port side of the casing and with a little gentle levering.
It is a German device and I made a note of the makers etc but left it on the boat so I annot tell you the details.
I replaced it and put some sealant round the end and pushed it in and left it to set with a piece of card between it and the thing on the winch which triggers it.
You do not say what the problem is with your counter and I suppose that it is total failure rather than my problem which is the counter miss reads because, I suspect, the chain jumps on the gypsy as the chain runs out and thus underreads. This is because the chain is only on the gypsy for a quarter of a turn which is not enough at high speed run out without jumping or at high stress whilst under big strain as in running over the set anchor at some speed.
I have no idea how the electronics do their job and I was thinking of putting the sensor details on this site in the hope that someone might be more clued up.

Happy fiddling, Anne and John, SM319

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