Re: 24v Dessalator motor stops under pressure

Duane Siegfri


You have a failing "bendix bearing".  This is pressed into the large pulley on the High Pressure pump.  It's made to lock up in one direction and slip in the other direction (so that when the 240V motor is turning the pump it doesn't run the 24V pump backwards).  The 240V motor has one too.  You might as well order both (they are expensive!).  I tried having a new bearing pressed in, but they failed one after the other for three tries.  The bearing saleman told me the ones in the Dessalator were nothing special but they didn't work.  I even had a different shop press the last one in using the one he pressed out as a pusher.  My final solution was to buy a solid pulley (no bendix bearing) and attach only one pump.

You can order a new one from 
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