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Mark Garver


Ours is also midway up the Mizzenmast and we find it to be quite effective and really haven’t noticed vibrations or noise from vibrations. Only problem is we can’t really fly the Mizzen Ballooner due to fear of it tearing on the wind generator.


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Hi Paul,

I had, for some years a Silentwind on top of mizzenmast. Installation was not easy, with a SS mast and a SS plate with 16 bolts and silentblocks. Electric brake did not work properly and noise was not an issue, but vibration due to length of mast was an issue in the aft cabin. After a couple of years silent blocks failed (black rubber pieces exposed to light all the time) and the windgen was hanging to power cables. I reinstalled but again very noisy due to the fact that seagulls or other birds took pieces of the blades - carbon - so the unit was unbalanced and the bearing had to be replaced, along with blades. That time I decided to move the unit with a SS cantilever at mid mast, much more manageable and less vibration inducer.
Lesson lernt: on top of mizzen mast windgen is a source of issues, better on appropriate cantilever at mid mast.
Also, Silentwind is not very silent, maybe D400, with 5 blades, is better even if more expensive and heavy, but much more silent and less vibrating.
If I start over I think I buy D400
Hope it helps
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We plan to install a wind generator probably a Rutland 1200 on top of the mizzen mast.

We are currently not at the boat (Georgetown Maryland) and wonder if someone know how the top of the mizzenmast look like? Measures? Is it easy access to put nuts and bolts through the top to bolt the wind generator? Any advise from someone who have made that before would be appreciated. There is a mounting kit in aluminium available for 499 $ looks expensive to me, thinking of having one made in 316 SS would probably be less cost. Weight a loft is of course an issue.

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