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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Paul, we have had a Super Wind 350 on top of the mizzen for 9 years. It is super quiet and importantly has a blade feathering system that comes in progressively as the wind gets stronger so it doesn't fly to pieces in a gale or hurricane.It weighs about 8 kg.  Our SM 299 has a flat top to the mizzen with a plate that extends beyond the edges of the mast allowing four bolts to secure the generator mast. You need to put some insertion rubber sheet (ours is about 3mm thick) between the generator mast and the mizzen to damp vibration. I will post a photo later as we have the generator off for its first ever service.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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We plan to install a wind generator probably a Rutland 1200 on top of the mizzen mast.


We are currently not at the boat (Georgetown Maryland) and wonder if someone know how the top of the mizzenmast look like? Measures? Is it easy access to put nuts and bolts through the top to bolt the wind generator? Any advise from someone who have made that before would be appreciated. There is a mounting kit in aluminium available for 499 $ looks expensive to me, thinking of having one made in 316 SS would probably be less cost. Weight a loft is of course an issue.

Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259 Lagos Portugal



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