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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Alan,

there is no doubt our opinions are coloured by our personal experience. Having taken 4 years to get your D400 working properly.... I would have used it as a sinker long ago. On a pedestal they are in your face too. My opinion is coloured by nine trouble free years with the super wind out of sight and sound on top of the mizzen just pumping in those amps. However, under 10 knots apparent there is little input, but once you have 20 knots apparent it really starts pumping.  Also you have put the big arch on and have the large solar array. I prefer the minimalist approach with just two panels on the port rail. And I like the cover, sunny and still, I have solar, cloudy and windy, I have wind gen. Windy and sunny, wow.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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We have a D400 on a pedestal on the port side...and while it does put in some amps, compared to our 600W solar panels, it's nothing
Personally I wouldn't bother with a wind generator, no matter where it'situated.
We inherited ours and after 4 years we have finally got it working properly, but for all the effort, and expense, it contributes swfa 

Anyone want to buy a 24V D400 generator and a brand new regulator,all working,contact me...!
Elyse SM437



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