Re: Wind generator


Hi Paul,


I am on my second Air X on top of the mizzen.  Like the Super Wind (I think) it is internally regulated to slow down before it reaches a speed at which the blades distort and make noise.  It is fine in any wind and needs no adjustments.  I mounted it on an aluminum post that I had made in Trinidad.  The post is on an aluminum base with four gussets.  The base is the size of the mizzen top so lots of room for bolts.  I mounted it on a piece of hard rubber and used 6 isolated bolts (from old ford front struts)  to attach to the top so no discernable noise or vibration down the mast.  It has withstood everything, including a hurricane with winds around 75 knots.  With it, I run the generator about half as much, and down here in Martinique it supplies more.  I also like to use the mizzen staysail, so I never considered a mount on the mast.




Miles  S/Y Ladybug,  SM 216,  Le Marin, Martinique


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