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Patrick McAneny

Danny , I thought so , I had one rebuilt a few years ago , it was sent out by my mechanic and maybe he marked it up , but I think I paid about $800. I am doing the work myself this time. Important note I should pass along . The owner Dave instructed me to be sure to crack the oil line at the turbo , crank the engine a few times making sure the engine can't start and bleed off the air , so that the turbo has oil to it immediately upon starting.

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Pat, that is incredibly cheap. Well done.
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I sent my turbo out to be rebuilt and just got it back , it looks like new , I feel they did a great job and the price was good , so I thought I would put their info out there in the event someone needs to have their turbo rebuilt. XS Boost Turbochargers , Owner Dave - 1 330 830 4075 in Massillon Ohio . Turbo and wastegate rebuild _ $385.00 including shipping.


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