Jib Furler Drum

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Hello all- I own SM2K #422 (L'ORIENT). My jib furler drum is heavily corroded; to the point where a large separation is emerging between the two halves. The black rubber gasket between them looks shot as well. Anyway, I have never removed this before. It looks straightforward, but as with many things on this boat, there's more than meets the eye. And it only takes a minute to ask......

Anyway, are there any tricks/recommended techniques to taking it off and then successfully putting it back ? Also, I got a bad case of jib furler drum envy when I saw Bebe's pic of his (looks like the earlier one-piece riveted type) but looked like new with its paint job. Has anyone cleaned up and repainted their drum ? What type of paint was used ?


Tom Kleman


SM2K #422

Cruising in Guadeloupe

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