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For your information, regarding the genoa furler on SM 387 BeBe, a few years ago, we removed all of the cream color and gray colored paint until the aluminum was bright. We primed with aluminum primer and used 2-part AwlGrip marine paint. We did this without removing. BeBe's gray color emergency furling sheave is not 2 piece, and is NOT riveted to the foil.

Of course, the best way to correct the paint chipping is to remove the furler completely, strip the old paint completely, and have it powder-coated.


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Hello all- I own SM2K #422 (L'ORIENT). My jib furler drum is heavily corroded; to the point where a large separation is emerging between the two halves. The black rubber gasket between them looks shot as well. Anyway, I have never removed this before. It looks straightforward, but as with many things on this boat, there's more than meets the eye. And it only takes a minute to ask......

Anyway, are there any tricks/recommended techniques to taking it off and then successfully putting it back ? Also, I got a bad case of jib furler drum envy when I saw Bebe's pic of his (looks like the earlier one-piece riveted type) but looked like new with its paint job. Has anyone cleaned up and repainted their drum ? What type of paint was used ?


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