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Dan Carlson

Hi Courtney,  I think the best use of your time would be a few days at Illes des Saintes.  Easy to get to, easy to check in and out. Great food!  

I think Barbuda is to far east and I dont think that you can check in there, have to check in at Antigua.  You might also look at Dominica, Portsmouth at Prince Rupert Bay. But it takes a few hours to check in. The PAYS guys can help you with that, as well as quickly set you up with tours that might interest you.  If you are there on a Sunday evening I heard that they are having the cruisers barbecue again, that is a pretty good time.

We are in MARTINIQUE until next Wednesday or so.

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Hi all Cindy and I will be sailing from Puerto Rico to Martinique next week.  I am wondering if stopping on the way or going direct is the better choice?  I was considering Barbuda or Guadeloupe for stop overs.  I still work so we are on a short leash of 2 weeks per trip.  Any and all advice would be appreciated!

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