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This is not an easy job!!! To remove the furling motor, the headstay must be separated under the motor and the motor unit drops down. It requires additional ropes and a pully set up is used to pull the furler up off the motor separating the two pieces. The furling mechanism (grey wheel and foil) stays on the forestay as the motor is dropped down.


My suggestion is to make an appointment with Amel in le Marin, Martinique and have them do the work for you. If you rebuild the motor they can also paint it for you while it is off the boat in their shop. They will make it look new again.



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Hello all- I own SM2K #422 (L'ORIENT). My jib furler drum is heavily corroded; to the point where a large separation is emerging between the two halves. The black rubber gasket between them looks shot as well. Anyway, I have never removed this before. It looks straightforward, but as with many things on this boat, there's more than meets the eye. And it only takes a minute to ask......


Anyway, are there any tricks/recommended techniques to taking it off and then successfully putting it back ? Also, I got a bad case of jib furler drum envy when I saw Bebe's pic of his (looks like the earlier one-piece riveted type) but looked like new with its paint job. Has anyone cleaned up and repainted their drum ? What type of paint was used ?




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