Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Support for Liferaft on rails


I keep my 4 people liferaft in the aft cabin under a desk. It is better protected inside.
Better not to rush with liferaft deployment. You have to "stap up" on the liferaft when it is absolutely no doughs that a boat is going down. It is always better to be on a partially submerged boat than on the liferuft.

You can always bring a liferuft to the cockpit when things are going very bad. 

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I would like to add an elegant support for the liferaft on the rails, any body has a recommendation for this?  

The idea is;

- to make it easier to launch in case of emergency.  (I find that going into the locker is rather unpleasant event during an emergency!

- to save the locker for other types of storage

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