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to get the low down on battens call super sails in Fl.
they will make you a sail at the best prices...
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I have asked several sailmakers about a battened
main, I seem to
get a
different answer every time as to whether this is
possible on an
furling mast. Can you give more details of yours.
Minaxi SM6

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I would like to recommend two venders to the
group. We had a new
battened main, and battened mizzen made by Paul
Lockwood of Omar
Sailmakers in Beaufort,N.C. Found his prices
fair and his
superb. Also he is a great guy to work with,even
drove me forty
to a car rental and wouldn't let me buy him a
tank of gas. I'd
like to praise Steve Bowden and Pam (Brown?) of
Seatech Systems.
bought An Icom 802,Pactor 3, AIS package, DSC,
and wifi from
them. I
installed them myself and was in a little over
my head. Each time
called for advice I got help,either immediately
or soon
after. Sincerely, Joe
Metz, "Brown-Eyed
Bob, The battens on a furling sail are short
multiple battens
located on the leach of the sail and they overlap.
While not as
effective as traditional battens,they do help. You
can contact Paul
Lockwood at 252-728-5598 with any questions. I'll be
out of contact
for a couple weeks; we're sailing from Fl. to Maine.

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