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Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

John, thanks for the note. We can get at the nuts on
in the port side locker they are not glassed in. It
looks like the prior owner had the windlass off and
serviced. The issue in rebuilding this on is the SS
screws are not willing to come out.... The bad
bearings have also egged the housing holes. There is
lots of rust on the motor and after all it's 10 years
old and been around once. It's time..
We are more concerned with setting up the chain
counter on the New Tigeress... Any one that has done
this we'd like info...
Thanks to all
Richard and Joan on Challenge sm 209

--- John and Anne Hollamby <>

Hello Richard,
If your winch is installed like mine you may wish
that you had the old one reconditioned in situ. As
you might find on the search box under anchor winch
I savaged mine in Croatia and had it repaired
locally. At that time I looked in the chain locker
and saw that the winch was fixed to the deck with
four bolts. The nut on the starboard aft one was
totally buried in resin and virtually inaccessible
so I felt that it would be better to replace parts
than to put a Leprachaun into the chainn locker to
chip off the resin.
Hopefully yours is not the same.

Regards, Anne and John, SM 319
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Subject: {Disarmed} Re: [Amel Yacht Owners]
Replaceing the windlass

Hi, we use the same plastic bag method for keeping
water out at sea. (ocean crossing and going to

We are about to replace the windlass as a whole.
bearing have gone and it sounds like the worm
are gone as well. Has anyone replace the entire
windlass with a new Tigeress from Lofrans? Did you
have any problems/issues with the chain counter?

We found the best deal at Defender in CT. They
shipped to ST Thomas for us...

We'll post our replacement. Everyone may want to
check that there is no play in the windlass shaft
the chain off.

Richard and Joan on Challenge in the BVI
--- rossirossix4 <>

> I know this is an old post, but I use a thin
> plastic "T-Shirt"
> bag, as is used in grocery and other shopping.
> can work it in
> around the chain and it forms a very tight seal.
> is also out of
> site. You can thread it through a chain link to
> sure it doesn't
> blow away if you forget to remove it, but we
> have.
> Bob,
> 93 Santorin Brittany de la Mer
> --- In, "Erick
> MEJEAN" <maramu@...>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Eric
> > If you problem is to prevent the sea water to
> in I believe
> that the
> > small piece of rubber attached to the windlass
> more than enough
> as the
> > amount of water that may come inside is rather
> little. My personal
> view is
> > that any other system a bit more sophisticated
> will not last long
> as sooner
> > or later you will forget to remove it one day.
> good thing with
> the
> > rubber plate, is that even though you forget
> remove it, it will
> not be
> > damaged, at most torn a bit.
> > Regards
> > Erick
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> > Has anyone come up with a good way to plug the
> windlass hawspipe
> > during a passage?
> > fair winds,
> > eric
> >
> >
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