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I think that this is a good deal and I would urge any 54 owner who has not upgraded his Bamar furlers from the original belt-driven model to the new gear-driven model to take advantage of this offer.


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I talked with Paul at Bamar USA Friday.  Paul forwarded the letter below, I told him I would send it out to all interested parties on the A O G.  With the interest generated from the Amel Owners Group plus a few other contacts he has made he believes he can very shortly place an order with Bamar for at least five units which will then put us in an advantageous pricing position.  Paul did say that he represents Bamar in North America and the northern Caribbean, please check with Paul if you are outside of his territorial sales area to determine how this program can be beneficial for you.  In areas where Bamar does not have representation he can extend this program directly to you.

Together our buying power will allow us receive significant discounts on these items.  Possibly not as good as the original program but still significant savings.  Please contact Paul or one of the Bamar dealers if you are ready to pursue this.  I have committed to Paul to purchase and I will be contacting a dealer Monday.

If I forgotten to anyone that you know has expressed interest please forward this to them.

Best regards,

Mark & Debbie Mueller
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Letter from Paul below:

If we can get organized where we can place orders for at least 5 EJF1 furling motorizations, then we can get the prices down very low.


You will be purchasing from one of our major Bamar Dealers such as Nance & Underwood Rigging and Sails  in Ft . Lauderdale or Mack Sails, in Stuart FL, or Island Rigging & Hydraulics in St Thomas USVI are some examples.

These dealers are very experienced with the EJF 1 installations and they have riggers that will travel anywhere, and they can ship anywhere.

The special pricing that is available will look something like:

EJF1 24V Motorization retail $12,500.00  your price approx.  $7000.00

Various rigging fittings, tack socket, toggles, clevis pin, boxtron control box if needed retail $2800.00  your price approx.  $1715.00

Complete package, per motorization, your cost $8715.00, shipping not included. Installation not included.

The rigging details we would need from the Amel boats:

The type and size of furling foil (pictures), the forestay wire diameter, bottom clevis pin diameter, toggle orientation on deck (picture please), and the type of Boxtron control box existing onboard (picture)

Please let me know how I can help you organize your order and connect you with a Bamar dealer.

Thank you, and

Best regards,

Paul Hrabowsky

Bamar USA


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