Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow Thruster Abuse

eric freedman

Hi Paul,

If it was oil and water then it would have been the lip seal on the thruster prop shaft.


If it is 100% oil, then my guess is that you added more than .3 liters of oil to the thruster, or you did not drain it completely.

I had some liquid grease drip down the bow thruster towards the shaft lip seal. My thruster started making a grinding noise.

I found that the lower bearing of the motor had come apart and the grease had liquefied,

I had the motor overhauled with a new bearing and all is well, The motor was also very hot with the bad bearing.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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Hello Eric.  I hope all is well.

I appears to be just oil.

Paul Stascavage
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