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Hi Paul, if the super maramus  thruster motors are made by sliepner, and they are a side power, as on the 54, there is a built in overheat switch. The switch itself will go (ask me how I know) and the unit will not function. Otherwise it will stop the unit from working until the motor cools again. It can be challenging docking here in le marin when its blowing hard and they cram you in like sardines.  Best Regards.                                                                                                           Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14

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Hello Joel.  Nice to hear from you.

The coatings on the motor are fine.  What came out appears to be just oil.  We just serviced the unit 4 months ago.  I’m wondering if we may have added too much oil during the service although I don’t think so.

Thanks for taking the time to provide your thoughts.

All the best,

Paul Stascavage
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