Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel owner saying goodbye

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Dear Rafael,

I think you need to tell the Group “your” story about the insurance.

We have the same insurance Helvetia contracted through de Lassee and I really think every Amel owner should know the ridiculous excuses they used to remove 30% of the value of your boat.

It is not “my” place to tell everybody the way they treated “you”, but I will write mine with all the details when it will be settled.

I am definitely sorry that your vessel was destroy soon after you purchased her and did not had the joy of sailing her.

Sincerely, Alexandre


On Wed, 2/14/18, rcavie <> wrote:

Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel owner saying goodbye
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 1:57 PM


Dear friends AMEL ownersProbably this
will be the last email that I send and I will withdraw from
the group. The reason is that Hurricane Irma
destroyed my Amel SM2k and it will be impossible for me to
recover it.The insurance will only pay a fraction of
what it would cost me to buy an equal one. Deductibles and
other reasons.This situation not only destroyed my
ship but my dreams. My dreams of living on board with my
wife, my dreams of crossing the Atlantic to the East, my
dreams of sailing the Mediterranean and perhaps other seas
and finally returning to the beautiful South of
In this group I gained friends
and knowledge and for that, I thank each and every one of
you, especially Eric and Alexandre who from the beginning
helped me with their advice.
you sail to Chile you will have a friend
here.Greetings to
windsRafaelSM2k 246

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