Re: Condensation on bottom of freezer?

Duane Siegfri

Hi Bill,

It's on the outside bottom of the freezer that is just forward of the washing machine.  I have tools in the below deck locker (between the washing machine and the drawers on the aft end of the love seat) and the tool bags were wet.  I stuck my hand in that deck locker  and under the freezer and the outside bottom of the freezer was soaking wet.  There is no water pooled in the aforementioned deck locker, but the tool bags were wet.

The freezer is operating normally, and the condensor and compressor are free of ice or dust.  The food in the freezer is frozen and the "floor" of the freezer is clear of ice so I don't think it went through a thaw and refroze.

We had just defrosted the refrigerator but there was no water on the top of the water tank between the freezer and the washing machine, so it doesn't seem to have come from there.

It seems likely that it's condensation.  We had some water near the rudder quadrant from condensation, and some in the pan of the forward air conditioning unit.  I thought the freezer insulated well enough that it wouldn't condense water but it's been extremely humid and cool.  Add to that two humans breathing out water vapor and I guess it's not surprising.

Thanks for your thoughts Bill!

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