Re: Bow Thruster Actuator Wiring

Duane Siegfri


  1. Are the colors you used representative of the actual wire colors? -Yes.  The purple wires marked F5 and H2 reverse the polarity of battery positive to the linear actuator motor (LAM) (i.e., one purple wire is battery positive, the other is battery negative).  The green wires report to the helm lights and buzzer when the LAM is fully up or down. The blue wire is battery negative and the red wire is battery positive: these two wires are only involved in the Limit Switch marked "SP".  Is it clear to you from the sketch how the switch marked 649H works?  And that the contact numbers on the switch (1 thru 6) are the same as on the wiring diagram?
  2. It appears that you did not finish the "Key," with only H2 listed. Do you plan to complete it?  The wiring symbols are standard, there is a diode in the green wire between the light and the buzzer, the switches 649H and 631H are noted on the sketch, the other symbol is for a battery.
  3. Do you have a photo of the termination of these wires at the PCB inside the control box?  I'll post one.
  4. Do I have your permission to use this to make a final wiring diagram?  Sure!  If you would give me credit I'd have a place in Amel history!


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