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Great! Good luck.


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I'm considering having the printed circuit board (in the black box in the Bow Thruster compartment) made and then soldering on the relays, diodes and wire terminals myself or have it done.  

I'm going to test the first ones on my boat.  If it works out well, I'll offer them for sale at $450 each.  If you're interested please reply to this thread, but please only do that if you plan to buy one.  

If there is enough interest, I'll put together the first one and test it on my boat.  If all goes well, and costs don't escalate I'll stick to the $450 price.  I'll include instructions on how to install it.  They will be money-back guaranteed for a year.

One very large advantage, if your control box does not have a fuse, this will have the fuse preventing burn-out of the actuator motor in case of limit switch failure.  And trust me, the limit switch es do fail which will result in the linear actuator motor trying to work past a mechanical stop, drawing too much current for the motor which could ruin the motor.  The other failure point are the relays (3 small green boxes on the cirucit board).  You could just have the relays replaced, but then you wouldn't have the bow thruster during the interim.  Having a spare circuit board on hand would make it a 30 minute job to switch out.

Bill notes that there are at least three different arrangements of bow thrusters, so I would need you to send me a photo of the control box showing the wire terminal numbers and wire colors so I can be sure this setup would work for you.  Don't send me anything yet (unless you want to, I'd be interested).  All you have to do is remove the 4 screws on the faceplate and then snap the photos.

It's been suggested to me that I also offer the limit switches and the actuator.  I&#39 ;ll be working on that if there is interest in the circuit board.

I'm hoping I have not violated any rules of the forum, let me know if I have.


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