Re: Boat Insurance


Hello Danny,


I have been following your sad story and I feel very badly for you.  It is of no value to you, but, on behalf of others,  I want to put in some comments following Eric’s post about Pantaenius insurance.  I had Pantaenius for 8 years in Europe after 6 months with Lloyds.  Pantaenius was about one-third the cost for better coverage.  I didn’t have any claims, but a friend had his boat almost destroyed on the hard by a hurricane in Granada.  He said that Pantaenius adjusters were the first on the scene.  His boat had a repair estimate (shipping back to France) about the same as the agreed value.  He chose to repair and still has the boat.   Pantaenius  Europe does not insure American owned boats in US waters (they don’t like trial lawyers) so I had to give it up when I came back. 

Now, Pantaenius has a US company affiliate (subsidiary?) and I again have their insurance.  I have an agreed upon value policy that appears to be exactly what they say it is.  There is no fine print.  We agreed upon the value after I had an appraiser go over my boat and list all of the things that I had added or replaced and the condition and we estimated a market value that Pantaenius accepted without question.   I did have a major claim a year ago after something big ran into my boat when it was on a mooring in Newport RI.  Pantaenius took care of their part without  difficulty for me and without any argument.  




Miles  s/y Ladybug, sm216 in Port du Marin, Martinique

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