Maramu dimensions for dinghy storage

smiles bernard

Hello fellow Maramilians !

I’m in the process of building a 10ft grp dinghy. Sailing rowing and motor is the plan

It’s for the kids really but I’m hoping we can use it almost exclusively as the boat tender.

It’s a lovely thing but will need to be chopped in half once I have plucked up the courage 😐

But I’m away from our maramu. She’s in the canaries and we are in the uk working /school etc and getting ready for an extended cruise in the summer.

Would someone be kind enough to tell me how much space there is between the main mast and the windlass?

I think it’s 2.3m but would love to hear if that’s the case or I made it up as I can’t find my measurement notes.

The dinghy design is a copy of an old Falmouth punt so it won’t nest perfectly so I’m planning to just chop off the minimum so the remaining aft section fits between main mast and windlass. With luck the remaining fwd section will stow inside the aft section or failing that under the mizzen boom !

Hopefully she will sail like a witch and make up for the hassle of putting her together each time. We will see. We have Davits for night time hoisting in harbour if needed but won’t sail with her on the davits

If you are interested she’s going to be super light layup although I’m going to have to add bulkheads and seats etc and a spot of hull stiffening but so far 15kg for the hull alone.
If we can keep her <35kg I’ll be happy
I’ll send a few pics once shes complete if anyone is interested
First build for me and really enjoying it

Any help with the measurements much appreciated !

Fair winds


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