Pole height at shroud?

Stephen Morrison <steve_morrison@...>

Hello all. I recently had Nance and Underwood install new standing rigging here in Florida and noticed that the height of the pole support on the shrouds varied noticeably. I was also on another Amel this morning that also had a new rig from Nance and Underwood and his brackets varied more than mine one side to the other, and were both several inches lower than either of mine.

I had assumed that the inner pole wants to be set perpendicular to the mast and that when set, the outer pole wants to maintain that same line perpendicular to the water(when the boat is level), however I am noticing that the receiving fitting on the mast is welded with an obvious downward cant suggesting perhaps that maybe the pole should dip outboard (alternatively, it could be welded that way so that water doesn’t collect in the welded cup).

My question is whether anyone knows a proper height above deck for the support arm mounted on the shrouds? I have photos of mine as measured from the outboard edge of the decking to the underside of the mounting bracket with a port side height of 77” and a starboard height of 79.25”.

All the best,
Steve Morrison
SM380 TouRai
Ft Lauderdale

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