Greenland Calling

Hans Rowedder

We are hopefully ’owners to be’ :) Living in Greenland saving for the Super Maramu has a big disadvantage. It is quite difficult to go ‘boat-shopping’ from the arctic! We have planned an Easter trip to Denmark to see a Super Maramu in the Netherlands but unfortunately for us it has just been sold. And the broker shows no intention of communication contact information to the new owners. We have spent hours, days and nights researching for the perfect boat and we found it to be the Super Maramu. Now we only need to see one in real life to be convinced and start the real search for a buy. Is there anybody out there who will help us in this situation? Do you have a Super Maramu and will you allow us onboard to see the boat? Please let us know – we will arrive in Denmark on the 23. of march so it has to be the following dates. You might also consider sailing up here to one of the most beautiful Places in the World and we will assist you in any possible ways ;o)   

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