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Warren Traill

Hi Duane. We had a similar problem and in the end it was the wire connection to the speaker. So we were transmitting but didn’t realise it because we heard no reply.

The simple solution in our case was to plug in a remote speaker with a volume control.




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Our VHF has a history of not working for completely inexplicable reasons.  It will receive but will not send, even at very close ranges.  It will work for a time and then not work for a timeHi Duane. We had similar problems.  Thank goodness I bought a handheld for a backup.

It doesn't seem like it could be the antenna.  We listened to the USCG Charleston SC when we were at the FL/GA border, almost two hundred miles away (they must have a very tall antenna)


I'm planning on replacing it (after all, it's 12 years old), but thought I would see if there was a simple repair answer.


If you replaced it, what did you pick? 




Wanderer, SM#477

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