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Rudolf Waldispuehl

Thank you Mark

You’re right C-Drive Maintenance needs to be done anyhow all 2-3 years; … and bottom cleaning every 1-2 month in all cases, (with copper as well).
I have not discovered a qualified yard nearby by now. I have searched the Web and it seems that there are more arguments against. 

With best regards

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Ruedi, if you search here you will find many opinions for and against. Perhaps less for Copper-Coat. My question to you is, where are the savings if you need to haul your Amel every couple of years anyway for prop and c-drive maintenance? A big factor in the savings talked about in the Copper-Coat literature is not having to haul the boat and the boat yard savings. This is not the case with Amels.


You don’t say where you are located. Is there a qualified yard that knows how to mix and apply Copper-Coat near you. I was told by Copper-Coat there was are yard near me when I was in Florida. I asked the yard how many boats they had done. The answer was only one.



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Dear Amel'ies 


Maybe you had an earlier conversation on this topic already? I'm new here so I don't know.


Copper-coat AF seems to be attractive if it lasts 10 and more years, despite the fact of the high price. 

But I'm not sure all is right what I have read in the Internet.I have seen many articles and different opinions about copper-coat antifouling, some of them are very controversial. 

So I would like to know from this group your experience with it, if someone have done this. 


Thanks and best regards


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