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Porter McRoberts

Yes. The tranny’s ordered from florida. 1750+280 fedex. 53lbs. Only??  
Shipping Friday 2 day air. Arrives Tuesday?. Then customs......

Appreciate your confirmation. 


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Yes, taking into consideration all of the history, I agree you only have 1 realistic and dependable choice. Do you plan to do it in St. Thomas?


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Thanks Bill. Appreciated. 

Had a guy come out to the boat. We took the old filter back to his shop. Cut it open. Lots of metal inside. I am going to get a new transmission unless you argue against it. It solves both problems. Mystery air ( transmission guy here was also scratching his head as to a solution, and no he doesn’t sell tranny’s,) and metal loss on gears. 
I spoke to the ZF dealer in Florida. He said on all ZFs older than 4-5 years they would routinely machine off 10/1000” to make the cup fit into the cylinder. This was a common problem. 

Problem is I am dead in the water without a good tranny. 

Any guidance is always appreciated. 


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