Search and Rescue Contact Info


Hi All,

I was just updating SAR info for Malta, Sardinia, Corsica, etc and found an informative site  I hope you find it useful--it covers area worldwide.  Nice interactive map.

Thinking that I might have missed something in Noonsite, I sent it on to them and received a reply that made me feel good!

Hi Bob, 

Thanks for the great suggestion - I can't believe we've overlooked getting that info. on Noonsite! 

I have already added the site to our Safety page -, and we will get on and add each SAR base to the Emergency section for each country.

Really helpful info. thanks so much.

Look forward to some Malta updates when you get the chance! 

All the best, 


Evidently  “The worldwide Search and Rescue Contacts" website is managed by the Canadian Coast Guard in JRCC Halifax location.

Bob (Colorado), KAIMI SM429 (Malta)


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