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Hello Amel Folks.

I have used Scott Stusek to insure my Amel Boats and have recommended him to my customers with confidence. He has some solid traits to recommend him. He always tells the truth AND the whole story even when it is painful to do so. He knows his company’s policies and can delineate any area of concern in hairsplitting detail if asked to. He always returns phone calls pronto. Other than that…meh.


Yes, he buys my loyalty. Got a great big sack of Pantaenius ink pens and key floats. Hanspeter, I’ll send you a couple of each if you send me your address.


I’ve been selling boats for over four decades. No other insurance person has earned my respect as well as Scott has. Please read the attachments below for some important information.


All The Best, Joel

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From: Stusek, Scott (Pantaenius) [mailto:SStusek@...]
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Joel & Vela,

I saw on the Amel forum where one of our insureds said we are no longer writing or updating current policies for full time south of the Fl/GA line.  This is not true.  We just have some changed requirements such as being able to conform to one of several named tropical storm plans.  We drafted the below email to try and clear up the potential controversy  If you could,  please post it on the Amel forum as its probably inappropriate for me to do so.  You can also say that after discussing with Scott Stusek, an underwriter at Pantaenius America you discovered the following details….  Feel free to call me to discuss beforehand if you would like.


Scott Stusek

Pantaenius America, Ltd



Scott, below if the response to be posted on the Amel forum.  It was written assuming Joel will be posting. Please let me know if he has an issue posting it.


Pantaenius insured vessels that fall within their current guidelines absolutely have coverage while below 30.5 degrees north latitude if the Cruising Area stated on their declaration pages allows.

With regards to coverage during storm season,  (July 15th through November 1st ) , Pantaenius requires that the vessel be secured per Pantaenius storm requirements. Pantaenius now offers options for insured clients to choose how best to secure their vessel—one of which is to move the vessel out of the path of the storm.

It is important to recognize that Pantaenius America will cover your vessel in the event of a named tropical storm as long as you comply with your stated requirements.  It is also very important to understand that outside of the storm season (again storm season for Pantaenius America is July 15 – November 1st), this storm warranty does NOT apply.  Bottom line: Pantaenius is still offering coverage for Florida and the Caribbean even during storm season.  




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