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Hi Porter,

I agree with your corrosion x plan. Essential. A boat is a salty moist environment even without direct water access. Every electrical connection throughout the boat should get the treatment. DON'T use the wrong product though, it must be rated for electrical uses. I know of one owner (not Amel) who sprayed the back of his SSB with he wrong stuff and killed it, Having said do it everywhere I confess I have never done either the SSB or VHF. I have done the back of all my instruments.



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I have a Furuno, same locale. I’ve had some issues too. Not to add fuel to your misery after the fact but corrosion X can help in the future with this. I spray this stuff everywhere and liberally. It really seems to help. Bill R’s great suggestion. 

Also no weather cover on the RS-232. Installed by Pochon in Martinique. I was also disappointed. 

I’ll be in your shoes in time. Sorry you have to deal with that!


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In fact, Furuno is not "bullet proof".  The old Furuno at the helm was sent in for repair.  Here is there response:

RDP148 S/N 4325-0332    Tested unit, network functions are intermittent.  Inspected the unit and found  data ports 1 & 3 are corroded on the SPU PCB and  Power PCB is water damaged.  Power boards are no longer available for this model; unit is unrepairable.  Would you like to have the unit returned unrepaired at no charge?   

Note the "water damage" item.  This unit was installed by Amel without any kind of weather cover so I expect that it should have been fine in its location.  If you leave the windshield up, and it starts to rain the unit will get somewhat wet.  Even washing the boat carefully some water may splash on the unit.  So getting wet should not have been too much of a problem.  Maybe past owners hosed the unit down while washing the boat.  Definitely not bullet proof.

The replacement unit was from Ebay and had remains of sealant on it where the old weather cover had been removed.  So it was an outdoor unit as well.  

Amazingly enough the refer started to work again shortly after I posted the note.  I used the hi/low speed button and it came on, so maybe that switch is bad.  

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