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I recently spoke to Scott about my policy. I am covered down to 7N. I was following the insurance thread but not totally, and perhaps misread the navigation limits that were discussed.  My understanding is that getting a policy from Pantaenious isn't a given, but i was not denied coverage south of 31N

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Hello Amel Folks.

I have used Scott Stusek to insure my Amel Boats and have recommended him to my
customers with confidence. He has some solid traits to recommend him. He always tells
the truth AND the whole story even when it is painful to do so. He knows his
company's policies and can delineate any area of concern in hairsplitting detail if
asked to. He always returns phone calls pronto. Other than that.meh.

Yes, he buys my loyalty. Got a great big sack of Pantaenius ink pens and key floats.
Hanspeter, I'll send you a couple of each if you send me your address.

I've been selling boats for over four decades. No other insurance person has earned
my respect as well as Scott has. Please read the attachments below for some important

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