Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] INSURANCE update - still asking me to pay premium after boat sunk.

Gregory Shea


I was wondering if you paid all of the annual premium at the beginning of the insurance year or were you paying it month by month? I used to have Helvetia, I now have Y Yachts. 

Greg Shea
Sharki 133, Cap des Iles

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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] INSURANCE update - still asking me to pay premium after boat sunk.

Good afternoon Danny,

The insurance is Helvetia/GroupAma contracted through Insurance De Lassee.

Here is the latest, sorry it is in French see below:

In short, even thought my boat is a total loss, and even thought my lawyer wrote them a letter after the January letter saying I was late to pay the premium, I should have sent a certified letter.
So now I am late for the payment and are going to take legal action to get the paiement plus fees to recover that paiement ?!?
This is absolutely crazy.

Here is the french message:

Conformément à votre demande, la
résiliation du contrat d’assurance pour non-paiement de
la prime est prévue par l’article L 113-3 du code des
assurances qui stipule :

« …A défaut de paiement d’une
prime ou d’une fraction de prime, dans les dix jours de
son échéance, et indépendamment du droit pour
l’assureur de poursuivre l’exécution du contrat en
justice, la garantie ne peut être suspendue que trente
jours après la mise en demeure de l’assuré. Au cas où
la prime annuelle a été fractionnée, la suspension de la
garantie, intervenue en cas de non-paiement d’une des
fractions de prime, produit ses effets jusqu’à
l’expiration de la période annuelle considérée. La
prime ou fraction de prime est portable dans tous les cas,
après la mise en demeure de l’assuré.
  L’assureur a le droit de résilier
le contrat dix jours après l’expiration du délai de
trente jours mentionné au deuxième alinéa du présent
  Le contrat non résilié reprend pour
l’avenir ses effets, à midi le lendemain du jour où ont
été payés à l’assureur ou au mandataire désigné par
lui à cet effet, la prime arriérée ou, en cas de
fractionnement de la prime annuelle, les fractions de prime
ayant fait l’objet de la mise en demeure et celles venues
à échéance pendant la période de suspension ainsi que,
éventuellement, les frais de poursuites et de recouvrement.


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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] INSURANCE update - still asking me to pay premium after boat sunk.
To: amelyachtowners@...
Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 11:46 AM


They never let up do they. You will need to remind us
who this company is.Kind RegardsDannySM
299 Ocean PearlOn 01 March 2018 at 02:13
"Alexandre Uster von Baar uster@...

  Good morning,

Even thought I said I
would wait the insurance issue to be solved to post the
entire story, I have to post what is going on now and again
URGE ALL OF YOU to reread their insurance policies.

January 5, my insurance sent
me a letter saying I was late to pay the insurance premium
(due by November 2017).
Prior the January
5 letter I never received any letter, email, etc. asking to
renew the insurance which seems logical since NIKIMAT sunk
September 6 and was declared soon after a total loss by the

Despite a
letter from my lawyer, the insurance just sent me another
letter yesterday threatening to “sue” me because I still
haven’t paid the premium.

They insist I still owe the premium and sent
me the articles they are basing themselves (that is in

I suspect they
refer to article 8.4.4
“en cas de perte
totale, vol totale et délaissement de votre bateau
(in short: in case of total
loss so my case)
THEN it says:
“L’assurance prend fin de plein droit le
jour ou l’indemnite correspondante vous sera réglée”.

(in short it says the insurance will stop
the day I will be reimbursed for the boat).
So in other words, as long as the insurance is
not settled, I still owe the insurance ?!? Seriously? Crazy.

Since they are offering
75% of the agreed value and my lawyer is suing them to
collect the full amount and the insurance wait each time
“1 month” to reply a message (just like they did to me
in Nassau) this can take several months possibly years
(since I am still not fully reimburse from the accident in
Nassau over 3 years ago).

For information, my lawyer told me NOT TO PAY
that premium.

crooks, dishonest, gangsters, etc. are the words that come
to my head now.


Posted by: Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

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