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Peter Forbes

I agree with Bill. Our 54 has normal centre line double berth which is redundant on passage despite Lee boards.

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I had that nightmare once.😀 I don't want to be rude, but the very best advice I can give to you, or anyone considering an Amel is wait until you own your Amel for a year before you start redesigning it. If you are like every Amel owner I  know, you will be thankful for this advice. And if there is a feature that Amel doesn't offer that you want and cannot do without it, you are looking at the wrong brand. 

BTW, Amel 54, 55, and 64 have center line berths. They are not so good for passage making.


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Anyone ever thought of converting the master berth to a centerline? Saw a super maramu done this way the other day. Looked nice. Interested in what the pros and cons are

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