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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

For what it's worth, we widened our 53's bed in the rear cabin by 11cm, and added 40cm to the L bit rear of the rear cabin desk so that the bed comes across to the main bed in line with the desk end. We can now sleep both ways, ie normal direction and cross ways (which we now actually prefer in a flat water anchorage). We then spent a fair bit on a really comfortable, top of the line, custom inner spring & latex topper mattress which zips into 3 sections in appropriate places so it can be easily removed.

I am 6ft3, and often sleep on my stomach, and so simply cannot sleep on the normal 2m max length Amel beds at all, and therefore had to do something. 

This configuration suits us 100% as we can now (and do often) sleep in any direction depending on the heel of the boat on passages, as well as the direction of night breezes across the rear cabin in hot climates such as here in the Maldives. For fitted & top sheets, the size becomes slightly larger than (what we call in Australia), a "SuperKing" size, so you can still purchase good ready made linen without too much difficulty, and then we have simply sewn the bottom sheets to fit.

Probably not to everyone's taste as the rear cabin floor space is reduced (more storage under), however we have done it in a way that it is 100% reversible back to original configuration with no visible marks, but this has truly transformed our sleeping arrangements on Island Pearl II, to become extremely versatile, and we now love our boat bed just as much as the lovely big king bed we have at home.

Colin Streeter
Amel 53 #332, SV Island Pearl II
Currently in a Secret paradise, BAA Atoll, Maldives

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I agree that a centerline berth is not a good modification, but even if one wanted to do such a thing, I don't see how it would be possible.  The berth is as long as the aft cabin.  If you were to slide it over to the centerline, how would you access the floor space on the port side?  It seems like you'd be trapped over there, which completely defeats the purpose of a centerline berth.

SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA

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Hi Gang, We modified our bed in the aft cabin and it is a successful change.  We started by removing the single bed from the stbd side and replaced it with extra cabinets.  This is very good.

Then we widened the base of the bed and reduced the width of the aisle.  Bed is still 190 CMS long but 165 CM at the head and 140 at the foot.

I can provide photos if needed.

It was a costly mod and not very well done by the "turkeys in Turkey"; you know the ones I’m talking about.  But after a good carpenter fixed the issues, it is a lovely place to sleep and retains the lee boards etc.

Jean-Pierre Germain,
SY Eleuthera, SM 007
Pacific Panama

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I had that nightmare once.😀 I don't want to be rude, but the very best advice I can give to you, or anyone considering an Amel is wait until you own your Amel for a year before you start redesigning it. If you are like every Amel owner I  know, you will be thankful for this advice. And if there is a feature that Amel doesn't offer that you want and cannot do without it, you are looking at the wrong brand.. 

BTW, Amel 54, 55, and 64 have center line berths. They are not so good for passage making.


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Anyone ever thought of converting the master berth to a centerline? Saw a super maramu done this way the other day. Looked nice. Interested in what the pros and cons are

Colin Streeter
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