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Mohammad Shirloo

I couldn't agree more with Joel. The Aft cabin of the 54 is one of our favorite areas and has made the time on board a pleasure. We have not yet made any long distance passages, so I cannot comment on utilizing the aft cabin at sea. As a couple on board, I've always imagined that we would use the sea berth anyway.
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

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Hello Amel Folks. Chantiers Amel made one ( that I know of, maybe more ) Super Maramu with a truly centerline berth by robbing space from the aft deck locker and relocating the watertight bulkhead separating the aft cabin from the aft deck locker further aft. I have seen this modification performed by Amel owners with not quite as good results. This really makes the aft deck locker much less useful and the aft cabin is, ergonomically, less than satisfactory to most people’s tastes.

Having been fortunate to own several SM 53”s and an Amel 54, I can tell you that a practical and fully useful centerline aft cabin berth was a big priority in the evolution of these two models. I found the Amel 54 berth to be more comfortable in every circumstance as the lee boards worked well and you could fit a split mattress with a lee cloth as an option to divide the mattress. While not having  your partner climb over you to visit the loo eliminated a ‘ target of opportunity’, it also made for less disturbance of your and your partners sleep… The storage space under the Amel 54 berth was truly cavernous and easily accessed due to the twin gas assist struts.

Have fun with your Amel!


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