hello there
did not find the step by step
but from memor ...
1.- ensure that your boat ishigh engough on blocks to allow the rudder to be slipped down when released from holdings; see drawings for approximate measurement 200 mm + add height for wooden blocks to rest on & lever to be inserted to slip back in place when finished.
2.- rest rudder on wooden blocks before removings bolt or top part
3.- careful with bronze rod going to BLU ground plate when sanding down gel coat layers; can be repaired by soldering if cut inadvertendly ...
4.- remove bolts & stainless steel holders (crapaudine 4  is the bottom one femelot 3 is the intermediate one; this one gave me the shivers as I thought it locked tight when in fact it is preformed and opens up when bolts are untightened.
5.- bielletes 5  top of rudder Under berth to be opened (remove bolts & nuts); nylon (delrin) screw on stuffing to be removed
6.- support rudder with long lever from bottom, remove wooden blocks & support rudder when coming down slowly.  2 sets of strong arms can do the trlck.
7.- lay it down & whilst on ground check for cracks on resin alongside the StSteel shaft (signs of grounding in the past); Time to repair if found
8.- prepare already stuffing cord to replace old one top of rudder; holding nut can be fastened by hand & will need to be re-tightened after a few hours sailing anyway
9.- rebuilding is reverse action (replace bolts & nuts if needed.
Hope this is clear; Nothing to it really, just needs to be tackled when all is prepared

good rebuild
christian alby - Désirade VIII - Maramu 116 - Le Marin

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