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eric freedman


On my 53 Kimberlite we had a fresh air system that took fresh air from the cockpit and blew it into the aft cabin, the main cabin , and the forward cabin.


It was relatively easy to install an espar heater into this system.

If you do not have a fresh air system , adding the ductwork, I believe , would be a nightmare.


I bought my espar from a company in England  on eBay. It was a complete heater including the installation kit.

I see it on eBay now for $2360- US

You just have to order the 24 volt unit- same price.



They are very helpful  and deliver the unit so quickly it is amazing.

Fair Winds


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Amel just told me €12,000 and that only if we have “ provision for heating ducts in place.i have no idea whether we have those provisions or not. Sadly I suspect not - so it could be even more.


Any thoughts?



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Be careful in comparison of Amels that aren't exactly  as your 54. And, it may be best to  check with Amel. It would be much more pleasant to sail back to the tropics😀😀😀.



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Does anyone have a price estimate for retrofitting a heater system on an Amel 54?



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Has anyone retrofitted a diesel heating system to an Amel 54 ? I was wondering if it is possible, and how expensive it might be.

Tony Robinson

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