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good day
some return on my experience

Gel coat renewal on my 1982 Maramu, done in 2017 in South of France by 2 independant contractors (one sanding & polishing, one preparation & application)
cost 6200 Euros (1800 products - 4400 labour - shared between 2 indépendants)
duration 6 weeks (loads of downtime due to Wind carrying dust & particles, humidity when applying products
3 layers - 2 hand application, 1 finishing with air gun
sanding to smooth surface between each
sanding & polishing in the end.
advantage : mechanical protection & looks new
improvement : work done in the open; needs to be Under shelter - building enclosure using water hoses as frame & vinyl tarp adds up 800 Euros, but gains in time spent on hard.

offer by painter using Epiphane medieum quality paint ran at 5800 Euros 
work done in workshop (meant removing masts - extra cost)

did not check for vinyl; guess it works on new gel coat; doubts on how it sticks on hull with low % of humidity builtt in over tim sailing the high seas ...

fair winds
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Many thanks Oliver and James

Alex that sounds like quite a project !

I’ve never seen a re gelcoat job before. 

My 1985 maramu has been painted above the waterline and is in need of a refurb at some point. 
I had assumed it’d be a vinyl wrap?? or most likely awlgrip

I’d be interested in the process you are using and if you think its significantly more costly than the paint job alternative. 

Appreciate that the answer depends on how much is done by others vs diy. 

All the best

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Thanks James I found it.

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