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Hi Duane. The previous owner thought it was standard equipment and was surprised when I asked him why it was there. He was the second owner and when I went to Amel to find out what it was for, they said they didn’t know or care, they just put it there at the original owners request.




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Duane, It sounds like you're describing the topping lift for the downwind poles, although it's hard to picture the "line around the lower spreaders" in your description. Do you have/use a ballooner?  Craig

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I have an odd halyard that goes up to the first spreader.  The previous owner had looped some heavy line around the lower spreaders and hung a block from it which has a halyard in it.


I don't know the reason for it.  #477 came stock with a 3rd main mast halyard (top of mast) for the gennaker (original equipment, it's in the Amel book).  The third main mast halyard would be fine for raising a dinghy so why the odd additional halyard at the spreader?



Wanderer, SM#477

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