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Mark Erdos

Oh! This discussion is so timely! I hope you are all talking about the halyard that runs through the block about halfway up the front side of the main mast? This is the double block with just one side used for the mystery halyard?


I too have wondered what is the purpose of this and basically filed it under the “I’ll figure it out, one day” category.


But to complicate things further, we had only ONE extra halyard there. The other side was empty. Then, we had some work done by Amel and they removed our headsail furling motor. When, they were done, they installed yet another halyard. So, now we have TWO halyards (one of each side of this block) about which I ponder the purpose of. These are in addition to the two lifting halyards for the twin pole system.


It’s still filed in the same category but it might be nice to know the answer sooner rather than later.



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We have that halyard also. In addition to potentially lifting the dinghy (though there are other halyards that can be used for this purpose), I was thinking it was to raise the storm staysail. If not, then perhaps someone can enlighten me as to what would raise it. It certainly would not go to the masthead.

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I have an odd halyard that goes up to the first spreader.  The previous owner had looped some heavy line around the lower spreaders and hung a block from it which has a halyard in it.


I don't know the reason for it.  #477 came stock with a 3rd main mast halyard (top of mast) for the gennaker (original equipment, it's in the Amel book).  The third main mast halyard would be fine for raising a dinghy so why the odd additional halyard at the spreader?



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