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Beaute Olivier

Good morning,

I remember when handing-over Super Maramus that some new owners were anxious to have only a furling genoa as headsail in heavy weather conditions.
An easy solution was then to rig a pulley and Vectran halyard at the first spreaders front fittings, the ones that go through the extrusion. We (at after sales/handing over service) made two spliced loops with polyamide (mooring line type) rope, one for each spreader, that came together to a pulley. We used to glue a piece of leather on the mast in order the pulley does chafe the paint.
The owner had then a 7 sqm storm sail made, orange colour, with a Vectran lufftape. The tack would be rigged on the windlass cleat or on the towing cleat in front of it. The sheets would be rigged on a pulley attached to the front genoa sheet track eyebolt (the one for the preventer).
With a storm sail, you don't really need to set the sheet very close to the mast (you are not close hauling with 40/50 knots).
This was a free flying storm sail, with the lower aft shrouds as backing part.

Some other people also came to a staysail system, fitted at second spreaders, but this is another story.

Amel and after sales have never installed such a halyard at mid mast, which would require to drill the mast for installing a fitting for the pulley. Don't do that, you would weaken the mast.

Joel, if the above is not clear enough, you may need to translate...

Have a good day.


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