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Delphi is no longer in business, except maybe the Delphi battery may be available in Turkey made under a license agreement.

Varta makes a "freedom" battery similar to the GROUP 31 Delphi Freedom battery. I did not have good luck with Varta, but I believe the Greek battery dealer sold me old stock... BEWARE, this can happen anywhere.

You might consider buying GROUP 31 normal lead acid batteries that you will have to check the water level and add distilled water. 

Be careful of adding an AGM battery or other sophisticated battery unless you are absolutely certain all of your charges can be adjusted.

My 1 year old batteries failed in Montenegro. I bought Korean made lead acid starting batteries because there were no deep cycle marine batteries available. I think they cost about 110 Euro and they lasted 2 years...not bad for a non-deep cycle, but I had solar which kept them above 85% charge. 

Good luck.


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Hi everyone, I need to replace my batteries. As it's important to find an exact fit has anyone sourced them in Croatia. It seems difficult to even find the manufacturer - is it Delphi?

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