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Teun BAAS <teunbaas@...>

Hi Alan,


Thank you. Yeah – she is a great boat. She has basically (except for 3 or 4 days in 2016) not sailed for almost 28 months and that hasn’t done her much good.

I have been on board here in NEW CALEDONIA now for almost 11 weeks, of which 2 ½ weeks with another AMEL forum member,  and am still not finished. I guess another 4 to 5 weeks before I am ready to go but then she will be returned virtually to 100% AMEL spec except the SPECTRA water maker.

Having Bill ROUSE (for almost 2 weeks) on board has been a tremendous help. I am not saying this to be nice; I am Dutch and we are painfully direct but it is amazing on how many things he was able to direct & inform the local mechanics & technicians. We made massive progress while he was here and that was the reason I extended his original stay with another 5 days.


I am really looking forward taking AMELIT out and letting her finally out of the barn.


Best Regards Teun

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Congratulations Teun on your purchase.

Amelit is a great boat.



Elyse SM437

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